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What’s better than a night of fun with your friends? Hosting a sleepover is a great way to bond with your BFFs while you laugh the night away. But once everyone is there, what do you actually do? Not to worry—we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll list 30 sleepover ideas you and your guests can try for a night you’ll never forget.

Things You Should Know

  • Make tasty treats like fancy popcorn or mini pizzas. Have your friends decorate cupcakes or help you bake a cake for a fun time in the kitchen.
  • Watch a movie or build a pillow fort for some classic sleepover fun.
  • Host a spa night and give each other manicures for some DIY pampering.
  • Break out the board games or play something else, like Mad Libs or Exquisite Corpse.

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Play Mad Libs.

  1. Playing Mad Libs is a fun way to make zany, crazy stories. Get some Mad Libs sheets before your guests arrive, then hand them out to each person. Take turns coming up with verbs, nouns, and adjectives to complete the stories, then read them out loud one by one.

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Watch a movie.

  1. Pick a movie that everyone likes, then get cozy on the couch. For a classic sleepover vibe, pick a scary movie and turn off all the lights while watching. Or, if you and your friends want something more lighthearted, go for a comedy or a sweet rom-com.[3]
    • Can’t decide what to watch? Have everyone come up with a movie option, then put it to a vote. The movie with the most votes wins!

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Bake a cake.

  1. Enjoy a homemade treat that you and your friends make together. If you and your pals are bakers by nature, make it into an activity! Get all the ingredients you’ll need beforehand, then spend the first hour of your sleepover baking a delicious cake to enjoy.
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Have a hot chocolate bar.

  1. Get cozy in the wintertime with personalized hot chocolate for everyone. Spread out everything your guests will need, including mugs, marshmallows, whipped cream, and sprinkles. You can either use pre-made hot chocolate mix, or (if you’re feeling fancy), you can make your own hot chocolate.[4]

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Build a pillow fort.

  1. Bust out a classic sleepover idea to make a fort and get cozy. Grab some blankets, then drape them over chairs and furniture until you have a cute hideaway for you and your friends. Set up some string lights for a glowy effect to build the perfect fort to hang out in.[5]
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Host a spa night.

  1. Help your guests relax by planning a fun, DIY spa day. Have relaxing supplies on hand, like face masks, robes, and fuzzy slippers. Laze the night away by eating fruit and sipping on bubbly water for the ultimate relaxation.[7]
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Give each other manicures.

  1. Test out your nail art skills and get creative with nail polish. Have your friends pick their favorite colors of nail polish, then take turns painting each other’s nails. If you’re feeling adventurous, use stamps or stickers to add fun, colorful designs.[8]

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Make DIY sundaes.

  1. Turn dessert into a fun activity with a sundae bar. If you and your friends have a sweet tooth, indulge a little by letting everyone make their own sundae. Set out vanilla ice cream and toppings like whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, and marshmallows.[9]
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Do a blind taste test.

  1. Get your friends to taste foods or condiments and guess what they are. Blindfold one of your friends, then set up dishes with food items like ketchup, mustard, soda, ice cream, and soy sauce. Have the blindfolded friend taste a dish, then try to guess what it is![10]
    • Don’t make your friends eat anything too gross—stick to foods that are tasty to eat, but hard to guess.

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Have a pajama fashion show.

  1. Strut down the "runway" to show off your sleeping attire. When it’s time to get ready for bed, make things more exciting by rolling out the "runway" (or one of your old blankets). Put on some music and ask each of your friends to walk down the runway one by one.[12]

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Make DIY sleep masks.

  1. Decorate sleep masks for a fun party favor to take home. Buy some blank sleep masks, then get some fabric markers. Have each of your friends create their own designs for a personalized gift that will remind them of all the fun you had.[13]
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Tye dye shirts.

  1. Make memories and new outfits by tye dyeing shirts together. Grab a plain white T-shirt for all of your guests, then head outside to keep the mess contained. Use rubber bands and bottles of tye dye to create a fun memento that your friends can take home.[14]

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Craft your own jewelry.

  1. Make your own necklaces or earrings to wear home. Get a few jewelry bead kits and grab some needle nose pliers to keep handy. Help your friends make their own necklaces or make beaded earrings for fun accessories to take with them.
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Play Celebrity.

  1. A fun twist on Charades, playing Celebrity is a great party game. Split your group into 2 teams and have everyone write down the name of a celebrity. For the first round, have 1 person say anything besides the person’s name to get their team to guess. For the second round, have 1 person say 1 word to get their team to guess. For the final round, have 1 person act out motions to get their team to guess.[15]
    • In each round, switch back and forth between teams so everyone gets a chance to go.

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Make personalized pillowcases.

  1. Use fabric markers to decorate pillowcases for you and your guests. Before the sleepover, buy plain white pillowcases and some fabric markers. When your guests arrive, spread the pillowcases out on a flat surface and use the markers to create fun designs.[16]
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Play Fact or Fiction.

  1. Make your friends guess whether you’re telling the truth or not. Go around the room and say something about yourself. The catch is: you can either say something true (fact) or something made up (fiction). Ask your friends to guess whether you’re telling a lie or not! Make sure to give everyone a turn to play.[17]

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Have a Silly String war.

  1. Use cans of Silly String to chase each other around outside. Buy a small can of Silly String for each of your guests, then head outdoors to keep the mess outside.[19]
    • Make sure to clean up the Silly String and throw it away at the end of the night. It will make your parents happy!

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Make mini pizzas.

  1. Turn dinner into a fun activity by letting your guests make personal pizzas. For an easy way to make pizza, grab some pita bread and spread some tomato sauce on top. Add all of your favorite toppings, and don’t forget the cheese! Then, bake your pizzas in the oven at 425 °F (218 °C) for 8 minutes, or until all the cheese has melted.[20]
    • Great toppings to hand on hand include pepperoni, black olives, onions, peppers, and basil.
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Have a water balloon fight.

  1. Cool down on a hot summer night with a water balloon fight. Fill up a few dozen water balloons with the hose outside, then hand them out to your friends. Try not to get hit by a water balloon as you toss them around your yard.[21]

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Go star gazing.

  1. Head outside at night to look up at the stars. Since you’re already going to stay up late anyway, why not use that to your advantage? Take your friends outside and see how many constellations or shooting stars you can spot.
    • Bring pillows and blankets outside to stay warm and cozy the whole time.
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Make a DIY photobooth.

  1. Take funny photos with your friends by making a photobooth. Set up a white sheet and some streamers to make your very own photo booth. Keep props around, like funny hats or fake mustaches, and use your phone to snap silly pics throughout the night.[22]

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Host a scavenger hunt.

  1. Set up clues and hidden prizes to do a fun scavenger hunt. Before your guests arrive, hide a few fun items, like candy or makeup throughout your home. When your guests get there, give them each a clue sheet and have them look around for the prizes that you hid earlier.[23]
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Decorate cupcakes.

  1. Enjoy a cute, delicious treat with a personalized cupcake. Whip out your apron and bake some cupcakes before your friends arrive, then set out the frosting and the sprinkles. Give everyone time to decorate their cupcakes before showing them off and taking pics.[24]
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Play Exquisite Corpse.

  1. Do a fun drawing game by playing Exquisite Corpse. Start with a blank sheet of paper, and fold it into thirds. Have one person draw the legs and feet of a person, then hand the paper to another friend. Have that person draw the torso of a person without looking at the legs. Finally, hand the paper off to a final friend and have them draw the head.[25]
    • When you unfold the paper, you’ll have a mishmashed version of a crazy looking monster!

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