Senior Living

Enhance and Transform Senior Living.

Create a sense of place. Design for comfort, connection and community.

The design of senior living communities has evolved. Driven by a shift in the expectations and preferences of an active and engaged generation, there is an increase in demand for communities that support a dynamic lifestyle. From amenities to aesthetics, comfort to safety, connectivity to care, create space to interact and engage. Design communities to support, encourage and enhance the human experience.


Personalized experiences. Customized options.

Facing a generation of future residents seeking varying lifestyles, senior living communities must take cues from the hospitality industry, providing a variety of tiered living options within a multi-brand strategy. Design that supports different interests, levels of activity and amenities will appeal to a range of consumers searching for housing, attracting residents based on their needs and personal preferences.


Comfort and Connection.

Within senior living communities, residents need to feel at home and comforted by their surroundings. Spaces must be inviting and warm, safe and flexible, engaging and personalized—supporting both residents and staff through design. With elements including biophilic and nature-inspired features, wayfinding and intuitive visual cues, soothing colors and patterns, design space to enhance community and connection.


Designed for performance.

Senior living design must balance acoustics, provide safe environments, help reduce falls and encourage wayfinding—all while enhancing a sense of belonging and comfort. Flooring plays an important role in the functionality and performance of these spaces, supporting multiple uses while also ensuring it is safe, provides comfort and is easy to clean.


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