Welcome to Video Mirage We offer video game sales and rentals Movie sales and rentals Game console repairs for PS3 XBOX 360
Movie Rentals

  Video Mirage has movie rentals in DVD and Blu-Ray format

Video Game Sales

  Video Mirage sells  video games for XBOX 360 & PS3

Movies for Purchase

  We sell New & Pre-Viewed Movies for sale
  New Release DVD's are for sale for $10 within 30-40 days after release
  New Release Blu-Ray's are for sale for $15 within 30-40 days after release
  Video  Mirage  also  sells  more  unique  and   hard  to  find  movies
  We have hard to find and  out  of  print  older  VIDEO  GAMES such as

Video Mirage  gets  most  New  Movies
Release 28 days before Netflix & Red Box
Reserve your movie by calling us at
425 398-8787


1715   228th  St SE # 103 Bothell Wa 98012
Business Hours
Were Open 7 Days a Week
Mon -Sat    11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Sunday  2:00 pm to 10:00 pm

1715 228th St SE # 103          Bothell   Wa   98012
Phone 425 398-8787         
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Every  Wednesday 
New Release Movie Rentals are
only  $2.00 for 4 days!
DVD & Blu Ray Rentals
Hard to find movies
New & Pre-Viewed Movies for sale
Video Games: 360, PS3
DVD, CD, Video Game disc repair
Visit our Services page for more information

        Disc Repair
  We also offer DVD, CD and Video Game disc repair
Video Game Console Repair

  Video Mirage will repair your Xbox 360 & PS3