Transform the Healthcare Experience.

Create space for flexibility and adaptability. Design for comfort and connection.

The healthcare industry is one of the most rapidly changing market segments of today. An industry traditionally shaped by innovations in technology, tools and resources has shifted its focus—reprioritizing the need for adaptability. As we design the healthcare spaces of tomorrow, we will see an increased demand for elements that provide flexibility, material health and convenience services, all while maintaining a steadfast focus on patient experience, health and safety.


Collaborative. Experience-based.

The spaces that define the healthcare system play a number of critical roles in the health and wellbeing of patients, families and caregivers. Well-designed healthcare environments can maintain safety, reduce the risk of infection and impact HCAHPS scores—while also raising overall patient satisfaction and influencing long-term healing and health. Designing space around the patient experience also offers a system of support for the caregiver-- one that goes beyond traditional healthcare design.


Design for holistic and healthful spaces.

Healthcare facilities are actively working to improve the patient experience. From hospitals and urgent care centers to doctors’ office buildings and clinics, the definition of ‘healthy spaces’ is evolving. With durable products and design elements such as wayfinding strategies, material health and biophilic features, we create spaces that evoke a sense of comfort and wellbeing to positively influence patient outcomes and promote healing.


Flexible and versatile. Designed to transform.

The need for innovation, research and technological advancements is transforming the healthcare spaces of the future. As these settings continue to evolve, designers are tasked with creating adaptable spaces that offer a range of solutions including durability and cleanability— solutions that blend patient experience, personalized service and human performance.


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