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Some guys can feel like a total mystery. How can you figure out if he likes you as just a friend—or if he wants something more?

When you pay close attention, you might start to find that his actions reveal all his secret feelings. So, does he have a crush? We’re here to help you solve the mystery. To crack the code, take our quiz!

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Questions Overview

1. When you two are in a room filled with other people, how often do you catch him staring at you?
  1. Constantly! I swear, he’s always looking right back at me.
  2. I’ve noticed him staring a few times, yeah.
  3. I think I’ve caught him staring once or twice.
  4. Nope, I’ve never noticed that.
2. Does he find excuses to touch you?
  1. Yes! He’s always brushing hair from my face or throwing an arm over my shoulder.
  2. Now that you mention it, he does always greet me with a hug.
  3. Maybe sometimes, but not too often.
  4. No, he doesn’t.
3. Does he remember little details about your life?
  1. Totally. My lucky number, my siblings’ names, everything.
  2. He’s remembered a few surprising things about me, yeah.
  3. I’d say he remembers the important stuff, like my birthday.
  4. Nope. If anything, he’s constantly forgetting things!
4. Does he subtly compliment you?
  1. Yes—every time we talk, he has something super sweet to say about my clothes or my laugh.
  2. He can be pretty flattering, but it’s not really consistent.
  3. He noticed my new haircut last week. Does that count?
  4. I can’t remember him ever complimenting me…
5. Does he always try to get you alone?
  1. Yes! He’s constantly starting one-on-one conversations with me.
  2. We do end up alone a lot, but I don’t know if it’s intentional or not.
  3. Maybe sometimes, yeah.
  4. Never, we only ever interact in groups.
6. How would you describe your text conversations?
  1. He texts me first, texts back fast, and asks me tons of questions.
  2. He texts me first, but he doesn’t always text back right away.
  3. I usually text him first, but he always responds.
  4. I guess now that you mention it, he doesn’t always reply to my texts.
7. Does he get a little nervous when you’re around?
  1. 100%, yes. He’s always fidgeting and he has a hard time meeting my eyes.
  2. Sometimes he seems a little nervous.
  3. When we first met he would get nervous, but not so much anymore.
  4. Nope, he’s always seemed totally confident around me.
8. Does he think you’re the funniest person ever?
  1. Totally. He literally never stops laughing around me.
  2. He definitely thinks I’m funny, but I wouldn’t say the funniest ever.
  3. I mean, I am funny. So he laughs an appropriate amount!
  4. Nope. If anything, he doesn’t give my comedy skills enough credit.
9. Does he open up to you?
  1. Yes, he tells me things he doesn’t even share with his closest friends.
  2. He’s shared one or two personal things with me, but nothing major.
  3. I would say he’s honest with me, but he doesn’t actively open up.
  4. Nope, I hardly know anything about him.
10. Is he always finding ways to help you?
  1. Absolutely. When he heard I had a flat tire last week, he totally came to rescue me!
  2. I would say he’s reliable.
  3. I can remember him helping me once or twice.
  4. No, I help him way more than he helps me.
11. Does he try to impress you?
  1. Yep, he always cracks jokes, talks about his strengths, and dresses super well around me.
  2. He paints a flattering picture of himself, but it’s nothing too crazy.
  3. Maybe, I haven’t really noticed.
  4. No, he’s not afraid to be himself around me.
12. Is he constantly trying to learn more about you?
  1. Yes! He wants to know my favorite color, my hopes and dreams, the works.
  2. He seems curious about me, yeah.
  3. He shows a normal amount of interest in me.
  4. No, I’m way more curious about him than he is about me.

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Self-Confidence: How to Be More Resilient and Centered

When you find out a guy is crushing on you, it can feel very flattering. You may even notice that your self-esteem suddenly skyrockets.

On the other hand, finding out that someone doesn’t like you, especially if you have a crush, can be tough to swallow. You may feel stressed, you may feel confused, and you may start to feel like there’s something wrong with you, even though you’re still the same amazing person you were yesterday.

Building and maintaining self-esteem that comes from within—not from how other people view you—will make you a happier, healthier person in the long run.

You might think of self-esteem as how much you like yourself, and that is an important part. But the truth is, self-esteem is all about being able to handle the tough times and create change in your life when you need it. There are four key ingredients to high self-esteem:

Self-Confidence & Security: This is the confidence in knowing that you have your basic needs met. You know that each day, you have a place to sleep, your health, and enough money in the bank.

Identity: This is understanding and loving yourself, just as you are. Having a sense of identity could mean that you respect and embrace your own goals, passions, beliefs, culture, sexuality, gender, and even your body.

Belonging: When you have a high sense of belonging, you feel respected and invested in the groups you’re a part of. This could be your work group, your friends, your family, or even clubs and sports.

Self-Efficacy: This refers to your ability to make and handle big changes in your life. When you know you have the strength to handle what life throws at you, to handle your workload, and to learn from the mistakes you make—you feel a sense of accomplishment and security.

Once you have these on lock, you’ll become a more centered, resilient person. Whether or not your crush likes you back won’t make or break your confidence.

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