Take this quiz to find out if you have ED or impotence.

Every guy struggles to “get it up” every now and then. It’s normal to occasionally have trouble performing in the bedroom, and this can be caused by many factors, including lack of sleep or high stress.

Erectile Dysfunction, though, is when your difficulty with getting an erection or staying hard becomes a regular occurrence. Lifestyle factors, medical issues, age, or a combination of all three can raise your risk of ED. But don’t worry—there are many effective treatment options on the market today. To find out if you’re dealing with Erectile Dysfunction (and to learn more about how you can treat it), take our quiz.

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Questions Overview

1. How old are you?
  1. Under 40
  2. 41-50
  3. 51-60
  4. Above 60
2. Are you on any medications at the moment?
  1. I’m not on any medications.
  2. I take antihistamines—does that count?
  3. I’m on antidepressants.
  4. I’m taking blood pressure medication.
3. Do you smoke?
  1. Nope, never.
  2. I used to for a while, but I don’t anymore.
  3. I smoke, but I’m not a huge smoker.
  4. I smoke regularly, yes.
4. How well have you been sleeping lately?
  1. Great–I sleep like a baby.
  2. Okay, I think. I can usually get a good night’s sleep.
  3. Not so good. I’ve been pretty restless lately.
  4. Terrible. I feel like a zombie from lack of sleep.
5. Do you feel like you could get an erection if you had a sexual encounter right now?
  1. Yeah, probably.
  2. I think so, but I wouldn’t bet money on it.
  3. I’m leaning toward no.
  4. No, definitely not.
6. How often are you able to get hard enough for penetrative sex?
  1. Almost every time.
  2. Sometimes.
  3. Every once in a while.
  4. Almost never.
7. Do your erections typically last long enough for you to ejaculate?
  1. Almost every time.
  2. Sometimes.
  3. Every once in a while.
  4. Almost never.
8. Have you been getting fewer morning erections lately?
  1. Nope, nothing has changed there.
  2. Maybe a little less, but I hadn’t noticed.
  3. Yes. It only happens every once in a while.
  4. Definitely. I can’t remember the last time I woke up with an erection.
9. Think back: have your erections been less hard lately?
  1. No, I don’t think so.
  2. Maybe a little?
  3. Yes, they have.
  4. 100%, yes. I had already noticed that!
10. Besides difficulty keeping an erection, have you been satisfied with your sex life recently?
  1. My sex life has honestly been pretty great.
  2. On the whole I’ve been happy. But the last time I had sex, I was really nervous.
  3. I’ve been stressed lately, so that’s made it harder to focus on sex.
  4. Not at all. I get turned on, but I can’t stay hard.
11. How stressed have you been lately?
  1. Not at all. I’m cool as a cucumber.
  2. I get stressed sometimes, but doesn’t everyone?
  3. Pretty stressed–I’ve been dealing with a lot lately.
  4. A ton. I’m literally a ball of anxiety all day long.
12. Has the issue affected your relationships or your sex life?
  1. No, it hasn’t played a huge role.
  2. A little–it can be a bit awkward.
  3. Yes, my partner and I had to talk about it.
  4. Absolutely. I feel like my partner and I have tried everything—it’s really starting to wear on me.

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Signs, Symptoms and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (also known as ED or impotence) is a health condition that chronically impacts sexual performance in men.

ED typically affects men aged 40 or older, and nearly 7 out of 10 men will experience ED by the time they are 70. However, some studies show that nearly half of young men have struggled with erection issues before the age of 35.

ED is defined as trouble getting an erection, difficulty maintaining an erection, and/or a reduced sexual drive. While it can be related to medications, heart disease, or alcohol, ED can also be caused by lifestyle factors, such as smoking, high stress, lack of sleep, and even excessive bike riding.

Sometimes ED can also be related to your mental state. Anxiety (especially performance anxiety), negative self-image, unrealistic expectations, and porn addiction can all contribute to difficulty with sexual performance. It’s important to understand if your ED is caused by psychological issues or physiological issues so that you can find the right treatment or medication for you.

A few common medical conditions that can cause or contribute to ED include: Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, coronary artery disease, and injury or surgery in the pelvic area.

Fortunately Erectile Dysfunction is often very treatable once you’ve identified the root cause. Popular medications like Sildenafil (Viagra),Tadalafil (Cialis), or Vardenafil (Levitra) can be quickly and privately obtained from reputable and discrete providers, such as hims.

There are also more comprehensive treatment options, such as penile implants, pumps, injection therapy, and even sex therapy / psychotherapy.

ED affects millions of men, and it can sometimes be a warning sign for other health issues or lifestyle factors you need to address. If you’ve been experiencing impotence or ED-like symptoms, it can also be a good idea to see if any of the following apply:

  • Are you experiencing relationship difficulties?
  • Are you drinking a lot of alcohol or taking drugs?
  • Are you under a lot of stress?
  • Have you been sleeping poorly lately?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you might be experiencing a temporary issue due to lifestyle factors. However, even if you don’t have ED, you deserve a satisfying and rewarding sex life, and it’s important to treat and resolve any issues.

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