Am I In Love?

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Is it a deep friendship, a crush, or something more?

True love can be overwhelming, confusing—and totally incredible. So how do you know if you’ve been struck by cupid’s bow? With a little self-reflection, you can totally discover if your feelings are the real deal. Take our quiz to find out if you’re in love!

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Questions Overview

1. Gasp! Your love interest walks into the room. How are you feeling?
  1. Woah. Did I just get hit with a ton of bricks?
  2. I’ve got some butterflies, but I’ll keep my cool.
  3. I feel fine, maybe a little nervous.
  4. Oh, did they? Didn’t notice.
2. How often does this person cross your mind?
  1. Constantly. It’s been hard to focus on anything else.
  2. When I have a free moment, I totally dream of them.
  3. I guess I think of them sometimes, yeah.
  4. Not too often—I’m a pretty focused person.
3. How have you been feeling lately?
  1. All over the place. One minute I’m elated and the next, I’m a mess.
  2. I guess my emotions have felt a little up and down.
  3. I’ve been feeling really good.
  4. I’ve been feeling normal. Nothing new to report!
4. A friend brings up your love interest’s flaws. What’s your reaction?
  1. I’m aware of their flaws, but I accept them for who they are.
  2. I’ll defend them.
  3. Trick question, they don’t have flaws!
  4. Now that you mention it, I really hate the way they chew…
5. You two disagree on Billie Eilish's best track. Do you let it go or drive your point home?
  1. I’ll let ‘em have this one. I just love seeing them happy!
  2. We’ll table the discussion. I just want to enjoy my time with them!
  3. I’ll give in eventually, but I’ll make a few good points first.
  4. I drive it home. I know I'm right!
6. You and your love interest are stuck in a remote cabin with no entertainment for a whole week. What are you thinking?
  1. Who needs entertainment when I have them?
  2. I mean, we might get a little bored. But I’m still excited!
  3. A whole week in an empty cabin? I don’t care who I’m with—I’ll pass.
  4. After a week, I’d be sick of them.
7. What’s your love interest’s best feature?
  1. Come on, I couldn’t possibly pick just one.
  2. I appreciate them for who they are on the inside—I love their values, their heart, everything!
  3. I’d say more than anything, I love their smile and laugh.
  4. Hmmm…nothing comes to mind.
8. Have you ever felt like this before?
  1. Nope. Butterflies, jitters, panicky sweat—this is all new.
  2. I’m not sure. This is a big feeling, but I might’ve felt this way once in the past.
  3. Probably, but I’m sure my feelings will grow.
  4. Definitely. I felt more for my ex.
9. Your love interest asks you to take the next step—whether that’s a first date, moving in, or getting married. What do you say?
  1. Definitely, 100%, sign me up. I’m ready!
  2. I can’t believe I’m saying this…but yes!
  3. I’d have to think it through. Maybe?
  4. Um…I’m not sure I’m ready for the next step just yet.
10. How well do you two know each other?
  1. So well—I know them like the back of my hand.
  2. I’ve just recently started to feel like I see them for who they truly are.
  3. I know the basics—their birthday, their favorite color, their sign.
  4. We actually just met!
11. Does this person feel like home to you?
  1. YES. That’s the perfect description. I look at my love interest, and I feel totally safe.
  2. I do really care for them, but I’m not sure I’d say that.
  3. I need more time to get to know them first.
  4. Nope, I definitely wouldn’t say that.
12. Imagine this: your love interest ghosts you and moves away without warning. What’s your reaction?
  1. I’d be totally devastated. That’s unimaginable—don’t even joke about it!
  2. I’d be really sad.
  3. Yeah, I’d be bummed. But I’d get over it.
  4. I’d be fine.

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Lust, Attraction, & Attachment: The Science Behind Falling in Love

When you fall in love, you can start to feel all sorts of odd experiences in your brain. Unique regions light up in strange and new ways, and these phenomena can change the way you think, feel, and behave.

You probably already know how these experiences—lust, attraction, and attachment—feel, but below, we’ll walk you through the science behind those whirlwind emotions. Love can include a combination of all three experiences, but lust, attraction, and attachment can each occur on their own, too.

Lust: Have you ever started to feel so hot and bothered around someone that you have trouble focusing on anything else? Lust is driven by a desire for sexual pleasure and gratification. When someone turns you on, your body is actually producing more sex hormones, testosterone or estrogen.

Attraction: Have you looked at someone and felt magnetically drawn to them? When we feel attraction, our brains release dopamine and norepinephrine as a sort of reward. These ‘happy chemicals’ are your brain’s way of saying, “Wow, we like this person. Spend more time around them!” These chemicals can even reduce appetite and cause insomnia, so if you feel too attracted to eat or sleep, then that makes sense!

Attachment & Companionship: Have you ever become so close to someone that they become a super important part of your life? That’s attachment. Of course, this experience doesn’t just occur in romantic relationships—but rather, in any relationship where two people share a close bond. In long-term romantic relationships, attachment becomes a key factor (and our individual attachment styles do, too!). And when we experience attachment, our brains release two key chemicals: oxytocin and vasopressin.

If this all sounds more scientific than romantic, remember that love has inspired masterpieces in art, literature, and music for centuries. Experiencing romantic love (in all of its forms!) has been a driving force for humankind, and even though it can be described by changes in brain chemistry, it’s also one of the most beautiful, intense, and indescribable feelings in the world. Shakespeare said it best:

“Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs; Being purged, a fire sparkling in lovers’ eyes; Being vexed, a sea nourished with loving tears. What is it else? A madness most discreet, A choking gall, and a preserving sweet.”

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